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2024-02-23 André Francois
Happiness at work How to Work Hard and Get Happy Let’s shatter the myth that hard work and happiness are mutually exclusive. By creating a work environment that fosters autonomy, growth, camaraderie, and work-life balance, we can unlock the full potential of our teams while nurturing their happiness and well-being. So, here’s to working hard, staying happy, and spreading joy in the workplace! Go to blog post
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Woman standing up and working hard with her computer but is happy and smiles.
A picture in orange with the text "This manager lost 20% of his team. Even though he did many things right. How did that happen?" Happiness at work Turning Feedback into Action: The Costly Mistake of Ignoring Employee Surveys Alex Thompson did many things right. He used software to measure the satisfaction in his team, analyzed it, and came to the right conclusion. Yet he lost 20% of his team in just a few months. How did that happen? Go to blog post
A text saying: "We hear you" HR Tech 6 tips for writing the perfect employee happiness survey Employee happiness surveys are an important part of any company’s culture. They provide insight into how happy employees feel at work, which helps companies improve their overall performance. Yet it can be tough to write an Employee happiness survey yourself. Luckily there are tons of articles on the subject with concrete examples of questions to ask. We will give you some examples in this article and an entire happiness-at-work questionnaire that you can just copy. Hopefully, you can get started soon. Go to blog post
Girl sitting on the floor with a laptop. Happiness at work How to keep remote teams happy and productive Evaluating each department separately will help you provide customized support for your divisions to mitigate negative mental and physical effects of corona virus for your employees. Go to blog post
A woman sitting on the floor with her laptop. Happiness at work Are People in Tech Less Happy? It Seems Like It The Wall Street Journal and Bamboo HR put out an eNPS survey of 1,600 companies, a large part of them in tech. The survey revealed that compensation is higher and work-life balance better, still people in tech are unhappier than a few years ago. So paying more hasn’t helped much. And work from home and hybrid may be valued, but it doesn’t seem to make folks happier than they used to be. So what is going on? We will try to figure it out! Go to blog post
People in a room with computers working together Happiness at work 5 keys to workplace happiness The happiness of the employees in the workplace makes a great difference. Both scientifically in terms of the added value it provides to the workplace and in terms of how the workplace is being seen by the public eye. It provides value to the workplace whether it is the effort of the employees themselves or the responsibility of the leaders. How can organizations detect potential barriers to a happy and productive workplace? Go to blog post
The co-author Anna coaching in front of her computer. Employee engagement Unlocking Success: 5 Surprising Benefits of Employee Coaching You Didn't Know About! Are you an ambitious leader or business owner who wants to level up how you develop your team? Are you looking for a game-changing strategy to boost your team's productivity and overall performance? Then we have a good read for you! In this article, we'll uncover the powerful advantages of providing coaching to your employees. Get ready to witness a transformation in your workplace dynamics! Go to blog post
Laptop showing teams meeting Happiness at work 15 questions to ask in your remote work survey Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among younger workers. But there are still many people who aren’t familiar with this type of working arrangement. This blog article and survey questions will help you learn more about how remote work works in practice and what your team think about it. Go to blog post
Louise Wåhlin HR Tech Testimonial with Louise Wåhlin from The Bearded Ladies The Bearded Ladies consists of a group of game developers based in Sweden, with studios in Malmö and Stockholm. They go by the mantra “to make ambitious high-quality games. Games that we would enjoy playing. Games that bring fantastic worlds and characters to life.” The company implemented the Happy at Work platform in February 2023. Go to blog post
circle diagrams Happiness at work How to use Happy at Work Happy at Work is made with the vision to be the most easy-to-use service on the market to measure and follow up on the work environment and other questions in an organization. In real-time and without bothering the team more than necessary. The platform can be used to send out Employee Surveys, Pulse Surveys and to follow up on other processes within the organization. Go to blog post
Text saying Your Feedback Matters on a yellow background HR Tech How to increase employee survey response rates Response rate is not just about getting more data, it is about increasing the overall engagement of your employees. If you are doing it right, you can hope to increase your response frequency over time since people will see the collection of information is not just as taking a survey but also it is part of their experience with the organization. Go to blog post
Woman working from home Employee engagement 5 proven benefits of remote work for businesses and employees While remote work has been utilized for years, the recent shift in our views on work has significantly impacted the way many want to spend their time working. With the initial spread of COVID-19, companies were left scratching their heads, wondering how to handle the virus as it transformed the workplace. Working remotely became a popular tool to keep employees home while sustaining productivity, and it has continued in the post-pandemic world. Go to blog post
Two persons looking at a computer screen Happiness at work How Abstractops increased their ability to work more proactively with employee well-being For the tech scale up AbstractOps it was obvious to use an application to measure and improve employee well-being and retention. The results they got were beyond expectations and the implementation was much faster than they thought. Go to blog post
Two persons working in front of their computers Happiness at work How to think when returning to the office Going back? Haven’t we done that already? Are you also experiencing a little déjà vu? Will we actually stay in office this time? Since March 2020, companies have waited for restrictions to ease, for employees to return to some form of an office routine, only to find themselves going back to working remote a few short months after. Go to blog post
Portrait of Ida Grahn HR Tech 3 reasons why ISS Facility chose Happy at Work We have had the privilege of working with ISS Facility Services Sweden since 2019. We then started a pilot project with their HR organization of about 60 people and after it became successful, we expanded the scope to include all about 6.000 employees throughout Sweden. Go to blog post
Employees in the company Republiken Happiness at work How Republiken improved their work environment Our work environment affects how we interact, perform and manage tasks since an improper and unfavorable work environment causes work stress, making mistakes, and underutilizing our abilities. One of our clients, Republiken, recently changed their office and we went to visit them at their new office. Go to blog post
People laughing while working Employee engagement Should we be happy at work? Happiness at work leads to happy employees, and happy employees are productive employees whose contribution to the development and growth of organizations is of enormous and significant benefit. Go to blog post